This section includes downloads and resources for mobile connectivity customers.

Peplink Product Resources

  • Access the latest manuals, release notes and firmware for Peplink products can be found here.
  • Steps for setting up a typical Peplink router install can be found in our article here.
  • Steps for setting up Wi-Fi Access Points can be found here.
  • If you want to set up a wireless mesh network with Peplink Access Points, check out Peplink's forum article here.
  • Information on setting up SpeedFusion can be found in this video here.
  • Configuring a Point-to-Point SpeedFusion VPN using InControl2 video here.
  • Information on InControl2, Peplink's Cloud-Based SD-WAN Network Management can be found here.
  • Peplink Antenna and Connectors Selection Guide
  • How to update your firmware on a Peplink device.
  • For other resources and help guides, check out the Peplink Knowledgebase
  • The Peplink Forum has useful questions from customers and answers from Peplink staff and experts.
  • Peplink FAQ portal.
  • Peplink setup videos for products and software services.
  • Care plan renewals are available directly from Peplink. Click here to renew your plan.

Poynting Product Resources

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